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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any age criteria as eligibility?

Yes, you should be at least 18 yrs. of age and must possess a bank account to receive your earnings.

Is there a specific time that I have to work?

Absolutely NO! you can wake up early in the morning before you go to work and finish your online work or else, you can do it at night. If you are busy on weekdays, you can do it on weekends by putting in a little more hours.

How much money can I make with this online work?

It absolutely depends on you. You can decide what amount of online work you want to take up. There are members with us who make Rs.1000 per day and there are others who spend a little more time and make Rs.5000 per day. Therefore, earning money online is totally up to you. Though we don't promote this as a "get rich overnight" scheme but if you follow instructions properly, work regularly and can keep a little patience, then sky is the limit. There are people who are consistently earning $5000 - $10000 and that too by working in part time. Once the initial setup is done, you work will keep performing for you, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Can you tell me something more about bonus programs?

With the extensive gain of popularity amongst many online job seekers, we have decided to give you a host of complimentary benefits. We offer you some bonus programs such as "online survey jobs", "google based jobs", any many more. It's absolutely free with Top Global Solutions membership and can be a good source of regular side income.

Is there minimum or maximum limit to the work?

You have absolutely 100% freedom to choose the number of hours, minutes and seconds you work. But keep in mind, more you work, more you gain.

When will I get paid?

Cheque payments are mostly monthly. However, if you want your earnings to directly get transferred in your bank, you can withdraw funds even on weekly basis. We have explained everything in member's area

Depending on your work, you can receive earnings on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Payouts are always in time and it's really easy to receive your earnings. All you need is a valid bank account.

•You can request for a check in your local currency.

•You can ask for a direct bank transfer in your local currency.

•You can also receive income via payment processors like Paypal, Payoneer. You can easily open one for free in your personal name(just like an email account). All you need to provide is bank details to receive your funds. Alternately, you can also ask for check payment in your name.

From whom can I ask help if I need any while doing online work?

You don't pay the membership fee for nothing. We have a support team to help you out anytime you need help. 

Does is require any type of programing / software knowledge?

None of the internet based work at home jobs require you to have programming skills. But you should be comfortable in using computers and internet; And follow instructions written in English.

I am taking Internet based work for the first time. Will I be able to do?

The complete member's area at Top Global Solutions have been developed keeping in mind the need and requirement of a person taking up online work for the very first time. Various video demos, real world examples, case studies and a lot of useful tips have been incorporated to give you a quick start in right direction. You should not be facing any issues. Still if you need further assistance, you can always write to support department. A dedicated team is there to help you in best possible way

What if I need some help?

Our support staff is always there for you. If you need any kind of help, just can reach our dedicated email based support system. Response are prompt and always in time.

What is the validity period of my membership?Is there any recurring fee?

Lifetime! You will never be billed again.